April 24, 2024
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Transhumanism and Ten Delusions You Should Know


A misconception in the world seems pathetic rather than a clear concept. It is about Transhumanism, and many thinkers have been brainwashed, too. I, too, am interested in learning about the dynamic society ethics and religion. In which humans are prescribed a path antagonistic to human liberty and modernism.

What is Transhumanism?

An average human always urges something new to do, wants some extraordinary things, and wants a life worth living. Transhumanism is the cultural and intellectual movement designed to overcome human limitations. With the help of applied reason and creating technologies that can exacerbate human intellect, physiological capacities, and physical performances. So, Transhumanism tends to reduce the gap between humanity and post-humanity.

Kevin Warwick is a British professor of staunch transhumanism and cybernetics. He proclaimed his engagement in a collaborative project with Professor Tipu Aziz, a neurosurgeon at Oxford University. They utilize brain implants with the help of robust computer procedures, which can initiate and stop the Parkinson’s syndrome tremors. This is a recent biomedical engineering advancement as prescribed by the Daily Mail.

A Genetic Divide

Transhumanism is a genetic divide. According to the Libertarian school of thought, Bill Mckibben argued that technologies related to human improvement would suspiciously favor those with good financial resources. Poor and rich cavities, in this way, would be aggravated so that a genetic divide would emerge.

However, no objective life evidence is available sufficiently. It is based on a 1997 film, Gattaca, which shows a dystopian society where one social class offers genetic modifications.

Transhumanism Perception
Transhumanism Perception

Eugenics ‘advocator

It is the process of attempting to better develop the human gene pool through the encouragement of massive community replication. Or individuals possessing good traits while preventing those with undesirable traits. Eugenics war is depicted in the science fiction Trek Series. Through this, scientific development is made to transform the human race through recombinant DNA technology and selective breeding. This created Superman, known as Augments.

This creature possesses intelligence twice that of the typical man. 50% better efficiency of lungs, and is five times stronger than a normal human being. Ultimately, this category became uncontrollable and ferocious and killed its creators, dominating the earth. This misconception has developed many series of movies; however, critics argue that transhumanism may produce augments in the future.

Human Identity Trivialization

Leon Kass and Francis Fukuyama faced human enhancement critics. They claimed that this practice would undermine the dignity of humans and erode human equality. As it would not only transform the human mind and body but also provide them with supernatural capabilities.

These characteristics will be complex for an average human since they modify a person’s behavior. It will not identify ordinary people. It is a dispute that transhumanists would themselves determine what is right and wrong in a human.

Transhumanism originates in the secular humanist’s thoughts, expressions, and experiences. Also, it is apocryphal. The feelings and range of ideas would differ from what a human being thinks is possible.

Simple as a monkey does not understand what a human can do. it is only a human ability to transform an intuitive understanding of ant-matter and to serve as posthuman. According to Nick Bostrom, Fukuyama’s opinion is flawed because, according to evolution biology. It has no distinguished essence of the human being since the human gene pool is not determined.

Flesh Contempt

Transhumant’s desire to drink from the youth fountain has been criticized. The regaining youth concept mimics youth hormones and seems a horror notion; this causes people to get cosmetic surgery and go to any extreme. Botox, a lethal chemical, is injected to get a youthful look and also leads to food poisoning. Humans, particularly females, are at risk due to this compound, and they get health complications.

Professional physicians say this is not a specific complication, as they cannot move physiologically. Once they inject a particular chemical, they have to complement. As they are with exercise and diet. Without good food and diet, no drug efficiently works.

The key factor in Dehumanization

Artificial intelligence advancement is a severe threat to humanity, and this is an alleged fact. Cyborg concepts such as the human genome undergo specific changes to transform cognitive function, mind, and body. The education system needs more critical thought cells due to enhanced dependency on calculators and spell checks that hinder the brain’s ability to grow.

With the help of many schools of thought, this misconception declined. Many insisted on the evolution of the collaboration of human society with Transhumanism. It can result in a community where the second option to a computer is the human being. This intervened in the new process and the method of intervening and connecting to other humans. Humanoid is one option to create, but bringing evolution is robust, such as developing a proper lady to marry, which is a joke!

Transhumanism & Genetics
Transhumanism & Genetics

The Existential Risk

These are the terminal and global risks; the best examples are economic recessions and global warming or biodiversity threats. It may have a good or bad impact on the earth and human beings. Good in the sense of originating intelligence and harmful effects in the sense of crippling earthly life.

Military advancements such as nuclear weapons have brainwashed ordinary people. It speculates that power thirst in nations for firearms will start World War II, a dangerous state of human extinction.

According to sophisticated technologies, this will not occur in rogue nations. As nuclear weapons are famous for their hazardous impact. It caters to visible light technology, navigation by GPS, and usage by police.

Infeasible Hype Misconception

Transhumanism’s vision is wrong about the fast progress of technology, as argued. It is about the things that happen in the coming future. Max Dublin, in his book Future Hype, says Prophecy tyranny is an arena entire of fanaticism, scientism, and nihilism due to its advancement. Medical science achievements are unrealistic and unbelievable.

There is a gradual increase in technological science due to the changing future, and it also is an excellent chance for innovation. Many implausible assumptions about the early science and fiction writers came across as genuine, such as nuclear power and the journey to the moon. According to Google Company Calico, transhumanist ideas have feasibility that will provide a solution for aging!

A Threat to Democracy and Morality

If transhumanists get what they want, according to some speculations, lethargic humans will produce. Half of humans will make ill things, which can erode moral ethics. They will be half-machine-type things. This man would be a fictional creation or a social reality human so that it would end morality.

The aristocratic class could undertake poor because they could not afford technical eyes or be technically equipped. The Cyborg rich would utilize normal humans and treat those servants, and also, their rules would not be human-friendly, so there would be an end to warfare.

Some facts exist, such as humans and Transhumanism can go side by side with a harmonious relationship. Transhumanists endeavor to more moral ethics in robots according to international laws.

Hubris-God Misconception

God provides humans with ideas about new technologies for human benefits and welfare; it is not like Transhumanism can play God. According to Joseph Taylor, scientific discovery resembles spiritual development, so there is no dispute between religion and science. God’s knowledge about every discovery on the earth is considerable, and Einstein prescribed God as a superintelligence, one who created all laws and creations.

He meant that nothing could be equal to God. It is always better to appreciate the man’s transition without blaming it on God. He provided the brain to humans, and it is a gift. If a scientist, with the help of technology, creates a prosthetic arm for an armless person, this act is just due to intelligence; the doctor is not God.


Transhumanism will be used to improve humans and technology, and people have advocated this concept since civilization’s origin. With the help of this technology, young Western women can remake their external parts or stimulate them with reasonable effectiveness. The success of this project is not acceptable at the social level or a sort of insult to convey to women that they must look their actual age.

This movement can also generate sophisticated technologies so that armies in Somalia, Iraq, and other zones are not vulnerable to the enemy by the launch of super soldiers and that one day, there will be a youth fountain.