December 3, 2023
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA




Russia started a war with the invasion of Ukraine. Through land, air, and sea, a military force is attacking the central part of the country and is getting near Kyiv, the capital city of Ukraine. On the Putin orders, the Russian army is breaching the country from Belarus (north), south and east which are weak allies of Ukraine and strong supporters of Russia. Putin is blamed for shattered Europe peace. World War 3 was considered to be a cyber-attack of superpower countries but a Russian night invasion of Ukraine is giving us vibes that if the end of the world was near.

On 24 February, the Russian army attacked Ukraine’s military headquarters provoking a mass migration of refugees. Putin rejects in using the term invasion and is giving an irrational behavior towards World War III. Now the question arises why is Russia invading Ukraine? Could Russia take over Europe? Putin’s main purpose is to make Ukraine free of Nazis. According to him, Nazification has increased in Ukraine areas since World War II. Nazi’s action causes the loss of many Russian soldiers in Second World War

Russia present control

Russia is controlling many parts of Ukraine that include; Kharkiv, Luhansk, Donetsk, Mariupol, Crimea and is approaching near Kyiv. Ukraine’s entrance into European Union and military association with NATO is not tolerated by Russia. President Putin has often indicted Ukraine of being supporting the rebels. In 2014, Russia detained the southern region of Crimea and stimulated an insurgence in the east which causes the loss of 14, 000 lives. The fire of revenge did not end and Russia started to position a large number of soldiers near Ukraine’s border in late 2021 and denied continuously that it won’t attack.

 Russia’s main intention of invasion

Russia wants to take control of Ukraine’s big cities. President Zelensky said that he and his family’s life are in danger. Putin’s main intention is to triumph over Ukraine and make it free from the domination of the Nazis. Most Ukrainians consider this intention false. No one knows the main purpose of invasion. Putin denies looking for the conquering of Ukraine and nullifies an indictment of the UK that he wants to mount a pro-Kremlin mannequin. Putin wants Ukraine to be free from the NATO alliance. He further added that Modern Ukraine was founded by communist Russia and is now under West control that is unbearable by Putin. The intelligence agency reported that Putin wants Ukraine to be divided into two parts. That is why he started the attack from Eastern and Northern parts and considered them Russian territory. Putin has not forgotten the downfall of the Soviet Union, sacrifice of Russian soldiers and so he is not in favor of NATO enlargement in the east. Ukraine is fighting back with its weapons, artillery, and every possible means to secure its rebel regions. Russian troops are trolling in Ukraine with hundreds of tanks and destroying cities’ infrastructure through bombardment. Hospitals are full of injured civilians. People are forced to take shelter in the safest places. Many international and national students are migrating towards western parts (e.g., Poland) and in this sensitive time, the whole world is cooperating with Ukraine. But still, the invasion continues.

Russia is attacking Ukraine from land, air, and sea

Aftermaths of Invasion

War is dangerous for the whole continent. Russia is about to turn this attack into a nuclear war as it is warning the supporters of Ukrainians that “consequences will be grim” Many European leaders gave different reviews. Emmanuel Macron (France) consider this invasion as a turning point in Europe’s history while Olaf Scholz (Germany) said that Putin wanted to prove that he is the only Superpower that ever existed and no one matches its Russian empire. The effects of invasion on the West are revealing. NATO is sending more troops at Ukraine’s border to fight back Russia. The alliance has made clear that Ukraine will not send its army and allied members will provide field hospitals and weapons. NATO is positioning thousands of soldiers in Poland and the Baltic states in reaction to the invasion. Aftermaths of invasion are bad for Russia as developed countries are aiming at Russia’s financial institutes and economy. Russian airlines are shut off in the UK, Canada. Germany has stopped the gas pipeline project between European countries and Russia. Champions League will not be hosted in St Petersburg, the city of Russia. Russian banks are cut off from the International Swift Remittance system. YouTube has announced to ban Russian channels temporarily.

 NATO enlargement

NATO has an open-ended policy. It welcomes the newest members, whereas, old members cannot leave on their own. Since 1997, NATO has been expanded as many countries joined in it, most of them lie in the west of Ukraine like; North Macedonia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Montenegro, and Slovakia. All these countries are standing with Ukraine and are providing supplies of weapons and providing shelter to refugees in this pandemic time. More than half of the countries of Europe have membership in NATO. Russia cannot fight alone to prove its right to rule Europe.


Both countries negotiated on 1st March to make a peaceful settlement and find a diplomatic solution of war through negotiation in Belarus, but Russia will not retreat an inch and is not ready to lay down its arms. Russia’s main idea is to conquer the capital city and fulfill its long-planned plot. The threat remains that if the world end is near then it will be in the form of Russia’s nuclear attack on Ukraine that will result in loss of uncountable lives and the world is not ready for this. Giving shelter to refugees is not an easy job. A massive military convoy emerges in Kyiv. People are making petrol bombs in their defense. The crisis needs to be resolved. United Nations must act now and force Putin to withdraw all its troops from Ukraine. If Russia succeeds then World War III will start and will possibly change the map of this world.