December 3, 2023
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In the 21st century war is not a solution to resolve any conflict between countries. It is a common concept of a layman that war destroys world peace. Historically World War I and II caused the loss of thousands of human lives and has wiped out whole cities due to nuclear blasts. Last week Russia invaded the Ukraine border armed with a heavy supply of weapons had bombarded heavily public places.

Ukraine citizens and International students are forced to evacuate their commodities and have taken shelter in a safe place, whereas, those who are left behind are taking shelter in subway places and looking for help. Now the situation is felt like Will Putin gave orders to press the nuclear button? Is this conflict evolving into World War III?

On 27 Feb, Putin ordered his army to move into a special mode of combat duty which means that nuclear weapon is ready and can be launched. This should not be the possibility. But if this happens then the whole World will have war with Russia and Russia will be left alone with no trading with the world. Why Russia-Ukraine crisis has not been resolved? Why nuclear war fear is not resolved?

Emerging War

According to Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Russia has started a war by occupying Ukraine border and is affecting the main parts of the country. Russian positioning troops are advancing day by day through artillery and tanks. Missiles were thrown at Ukraine military centers and airports. Russian army attack helicopters drifted above the Kyiv and combatants fought by the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. In 1986, the meltdown of the nuclear plant turned the fertile land barren and Ukraine lost its essential wealth due to Russia because of this and many conflicts a Ukrainian government minister Yuliia Laputina in 2021 foretold that if Russia invaded Ukraine fully then World War III can be started.

Russian and Ukraine Friends and Allies

In this conflict, Putin can face worse results from Europe. If NATO supporters keep to their agreement commitments and Russian troops keep counterfeiting ahead then Eastern Europe will turn against Russia. On the west side of Ukraine lays Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland. All three are members of NATO and assault in these three countries will be considered an attack on all NATO associates which includes UK and US too. These three nations have united against Putin’s vision of occupying Ukraine. Poland is preparing hospitals for injured Ukrainians who are escaping from the emerging war.

The Polish government has also shown its harmony by advising NATO to encourage its army in the East in response to Russia’s military breach. Leader of Hungary Victor Orban (a previous admirer of Putin) has now aligned with other European members and is on the verge to disturb Russia financially. Slovak government approved the reinforcement of its fighters to the Ukrainian border and permitted migrants to take refuge in their country. Belarus in the beginning remains silent (neutral) and did not respond to the overall situation as the north of Ukraine was once allies of Russia. It has been reported that Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko is giving respect to that alliance and has given access to Russian troops to Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia in the cold War.

These three states in 1991 were seized during World War II by Stalin by breaking the Soviet Union. But all three countries become united in 2004 by joining the west side and Nato. Finland is neither a neighbor nor a NATO member but has the full support of Ukraine as Sanna Marin stated that Russia is not allowed to violate International laws by breaching and threatening civilian life. Whether NATO member or not on Kyiv calls Ukraine is putting all effort to push back Russian military to their own country and are fighting back continuously.


Ukraine’s nuclear power plant suffers a meltdown in 1986 in Chernobyl

Russia Ukraine news is every day and every time giving us flashes of the present situation on both sides. Putin has even given a threat to all Ukraine supporters by giving a message that Western countries will face grim consequences. These kinds of menacing threats gave a vibe of nuclear attack soon and World War III.

All Russian banking apps are crashed. Ukraine news channels are giving updates on the present scenario. Negotiations were going to be held today (1st March 2022) but no favorable conclusion was reached in five hours of a long conversation between the two countries’ authorities. Former deputy supreme commander of NATO General Sir Richard Shirreff also stated that if Russian military forces invade the former Soviet states (France, Germany (Nazis), UK) then there is a possibility that all of Europe will turn against Russia and will soon be at war. According to him forests of Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia will be the first line of defense.

China is the biggest supporter of Russia and has criticized the US for pushing the panorama of war. Asian countries are showing neutral from foreign affairs and do not want to risk their trading collaboration with US and European countries.

Russia considers itself a superpower

War with Russia is also not an easy option as Russia is blamed to be involved in cyber-attacks in many countries and has trained hackers that can hack any bank, android app, and internet anywhere. Russia is strong in many ways. On the Ukraine news channel, all reporters are giving news of people protests all around the world and advising to stop the war and give peace a chance. Ukraine people are making petrol bombs in glass bottles and are preparing to defend their country. Russian bombing is killing innocent lives and soldiers at Ukraine’s borders.


So far, the emerging war has forced International people and citizens of Ukraine to take thousands of refugees in Poland. Many countries are trying to move their people to the safest place as far as possible because if World War III started then there will be no safe place to hide and seek help from associates. At this point United Nations are pressurizing Putin to end the war and again give a chance to peace negotiations as in my opinion, there should not be a World War III.