Tuesday with Morrie: Book Review

‘Tuesday with Morrie’ is a non-fiction book that is based on the Mitch Albom’s conversation with a teacher Morrie Schwarz. Mitch’s meeting with Morrie happened at Brandeis University, where he taught sociology class. Mitch found the class so impressive that he started taking every class of Morrie.

After the graduation, Mitch lost in the world for his career and could not keep contact with his mentor. After sixteen years, he Morrie on Nightline, where Ted Koppel was interviewing him.

Morrie was on Nightline as he was a patient with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). In this disease, patients lost its body functioning, arms, legs and eventually tongue muscles.

Morrie wanted to express his experience about life on Nightline, and it was the main reason behind that interview. Tuesday with Morrie provides understanding about working with social life.

Mitch came from Detroit to see Morrie in Massachusetts, and he used to do it every Tuesday. Mitch worked as journalists and recorded the discussions with Morrie.

This book is the result of those discussions in which he has shared life experiences, youth flashbacks and different events.

Morrie, in his lessons, focused on love, spending time with loved ones rather than spending money. He advised his students to forgive more, judge less and accepts more.

This time when Mitch visited, he shared affection words with Morrie, and the book relates all those topics that they used to discuss, such as love, care, death, culture, marriage and regret. By reading the book, the reader feels emotions, ranging from joy to sadness and wiping tears at the end.

The Tuesday with Morrie makes the reader think about the life events, focus on ageing, family, compassion, forgiveness, and mentors in life.

This is all that Mitch Albom has done throughout this book. Mitch describes this book as all what Morrie taught him about life.