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World Cup 2019 South Africa vs New Zealand

So, the 25th match of World Cup 2019 is South Africa vs New Zealand, on Wednesday, June 19th, 2019.

It is the most crucial match for South Africa to stay alive in the tournament. After the win against Afghanistan, SA will be eager to register another win in the tournament.

South Africa vs New Zealand
South Africa vs New Zealand Match

Although SA won convincingly against Afghanistan, their leading batsmen were a bit out of form. Hashim Amla, playing his last world cup is totally out of colors. De Kock is not in his flair.

It was Afghanistan with their inexperienced bowling attack; SA was able to win the match. SA still has to play against Sri Lanka, Australia and Pakistan and with this level of form; their team will not be able to win the coming matches.

New Zealand is one of the favorite team of the world cup and has won their previous matches against comparatively weaker teams. Their game against India was abundant due to rain, and they shared a point with India.

Still, NZ has to play their matches against stronger teams like Australia, England and Pakistan. Kain Williamson will not take any risk to play this match casually. To stay in the top 4, they have to win their matches against stronger teams with big margins. As for today’s match is concerned, it will be easy going for NZ.

NZ is one of the balanced sides of the tournament. They have their pace attach their pinch hitters and have the services of Williamson, the captain and Talor in their middle order batting.

SA can bounce back as they have right bowling unit, but unless and until their batsman will not play their part, their chances to stay in the world cup are very limited.

As the trend of the tournament is batting based, the wickets are batting so the team with active batting line and power hitters is winning the game.

South Africa vs New Zealand match is going to be thrilling, yet scattered thunderstorm are predicted in the afternoon session.