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World Cup 2019, England vs Afghanistan Match Prediction

England vs Afghanistan

So, the 24th match of World Cup 2019 is England vs Afghanistan, on June 18, 2019 Tuesday.

England vs Afghanistan
England will be the favorite team

Are you excited to get updated or want to know who’s going to win the match? Read on:

After yesterday’s convincing win of Bangladesh, the tournament has become very much interesting. Ran rate will be very much crucial for all the teams. England, one of the hot favorite team of the tournament, has to face Afghanistan in today’s fixture.

England vs Afghanistan should be a one-sided match and England will win convincingly. If England won the toss, they will opt for bowling and will try to restrict Afghanistan under 200 runs and will try to achieve the target in 25 to 30 over. Again Joe Roots and Buttler will score quickly.

The matter of fact is that the run rate for the teams to qualify for the semi-final will be very much important. England with 6 points from 4 matches is at the bottom of top 4, and Bangladesh is slightly behind England with 5 points.

Although Bangladesh still has to face Australia, India and Pakistan along with Afghanistan and with such performance that they have shown against West Indies, they can upset any other favorite team.

Same is the case with England; they still have to face Australia, India, Sri Lank and New Zealand in the remaining matches. This is the world cup, and anything can happen.

Almost half of the matchers are over, and the situation is becoming critical for all the teams to qualify for the semi-final.

England vs Afghanistan match is important for England; they have to keep the winning momentum till the semi-final and final.

They must restrict Afghanistan to less than 200 runs and should achieve the target in less than 30 over to maintain the run rate.

If Afghanistan wins the toss and puts England into bat, in this situation, England had to post big total and restrict Afghanistan to minimum score to improve their run rate.