May 15, 2024
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20 Texas Swimming Holes to Cool You Off This Summer

Blue Lagoon Texas swimming holes

As the summers are already on the way to ‘Houston’ and people are exhausted due to the sun’s scorching heat, the best way to escape is through the calm, clear lakes, rivers, and refreshing pools to enjoy all Texas swimming holes. 

Nothing will help escape the sun, only the cool and cold water, and Texas is flooded with great swimming holes. About 20 spots have attracted one’s eye, which will help get over these sweltering days and maintain the environment to cool Texas.

Best 20 Texas Swimming Holes

Some of the best 20 Texas swimming holes are mentioned below:

Jacob’s well

Jacob’s well can be scary at times, but you will find it fascinating when you look at it just by standing on the rocks. It will encourage the visitors to jump in it. A mysterious cavern below is about 140 feet deep; the only way to explore it is to dive into it. However, there are few caverns in Texas, and Jacob’s well is among the unique things to be seen in Texas in public. This is one of the best Texas swimming holes that will eventually cool Texas. At the same time, there is no camping, alcohol, fishing, boating, dogs, and kayaking allowed.

Texas swimming holes
Texas swimming holes

Blue Lagoon

A Blue lagoon is a swimming hole located on an uneven road. It just resembles a Caribbean resort. There are even sunken boats and planes for divers to explore what is inside the blue lagoon. A vast space is also available, with some natural flora and fauna that make it look attractive simultaneously. The water is also pure without anything harming the person. It’s a scuba-diving site that Starshine Texas in a different manner.


Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon

Deep Eddy Pool

This deep eddy pool is designated on the Colorado River. It has been a keen eye for the crowd since it was established in 1915, with crazy slides, zip lines, diving horses, and even human fish. It is one of the oldest pools to be found in Texas. The pool allows families to sunbathe in the soaking sun and even enjoy movie nights. It is a local place with no food or drinks by the water.

Secret Beach

The Secret Beach in. the best Texas swimming holes that has been part of the ColoradoAustin is among since 2013. Since then, it has become a spotlight for people drained by the sun’s fiery heat. The beach is perfect in summer, with wildlife and the refreshing sight of the water. However, swimming is strictly prohibited when the water waves are high. However, there is no alcohol, boating, or kayaking allowed. Further, there is parking, fishing, restrooms, and dogs.

Deep Eddy Pool
Deep Eddy Pool
Krause springs 

Krause Springs mentions four things that are highlighted more brightly. Among the four things are pronunciation, the butterfly gardens, swimming in two different ways, and learning the ropes swings near me. The butterfly gardens will create a peaceful environment with a cold breeze touching the white of your smooth face. You might want to stop for a moment along the windy pathways. At the periphery of the swimming pool, there is also a rope at the far end, which has created conditions to match the color of nature.

Krause springs
Krause springs

Pedernales Falls

Pedernales Falls has been known to the public since 1971. It has been named a park, now the center of attention because of the majestic waterfalls. However, this would create a vibrant environment for the visitors who are in love with Pedernales Falls. There are restrooms, dogs, camping, fishing, boating, kayaking, and all other things, but alcohol is prohibited. There are a lot of things that are kept in the notice.

Hancock pool

It is a free-flowing pool with a view, just like a park. However, there are rides for kids and a vast space for adults to play badminton and football. Also, a seating area is available for those who want to rest. The pool has a scent just like sulfur. The entrance fee is also reasonable, which is $2.50-3.50. However, there are restrooms, parking slots, fishing, and dogs. While no camping, kayaking, boating, or alcohol is allowed.

Spicewood springs

It is about 5,328 acres of land found on the Colorado River. However, there are hills, cliffs, flat lands, and canyons. It is about 9 feet deep, so it is unsuitable for children and adults to swim. However, other things are present, such as restrooms, camping, dogs, etc.

Rio Vista Park

Rio Vista water park in San Marcos has clear water at 72 degrees. There is also a dam and some five small waterfalls that make it look unsafe for the viewers. It is especially great for families who have children of early age. In the summer, people visit this park, which is full immediately.

Falls Dam

In Blanco, a Blanco River Fall Dam is specifically designed for children. The temperature of the water is about 68 degrees. It is best for children. Other things, such as camping, boating, kayaking, and so on, are added. Also, the entrance fee for children is $5 and free for children under 12.


Mo-Ranch is another destination for swimming holes in Texas. It follows the direction of the Guadalupe River. There are summer camps, family get-togethers, and conferences. This place is considered the best for those who want a refreshing mind.

San Solomon Springs

It is found in west Texas. It comprises all the essential fun activities that become a go-to place for families, especially children. Visitors can quickly dive into the water without fear of getting into damage.

Chinati Hot springs

Chinati Hot Springs is another excellent idea to let the heat go away. It is also one of the best summer spots. Also, other things are involved, such as restrooms, boating, kayaking, etc. The entry fee is also reasonable.

All these 20 Texas swimming holes have become a fantastic spot for all the people who come out with their families in the summer heat.

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