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How to prepare for Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season

The Atlantic storm and hurricane season starts in June in Florida and lasts till November. The wind speed increases, making the Sarasota weather humid and enjoyable but also bringing devastation. There are many ways to survive in hurricane season as the weather in Sarasota becomes critical in peak months.

Tropical cyclones and landfall destroy houses in their path and cause a loss in power connection. Hurricanes like Harvey, Maria, and Irma have caused disaster in the past few years.

Prepare yourself by taking preventive measures for the upcoming hurricane season in Sarasota, Florida.

Emergency Bags to Set in Hurricane Season

In a flood zone area, people are aware of upcoming natural disasters. This time, prepare an emergency bag before ten days of hurricane alerts. The supplies must consist of water cans, like 2 gallons of water, to compensate for every family member—food like granola bars, almond butter, instant noodles, etc.

hurricane season
Emergency bags

A first aid kit, whistles, sanitizers, and pet food. Weather radio so that one can get all updates on weather conditions, backup batteries for cell phones and power banks, and emergency lights like flashlights, rechargeable ones, or those run by cells, keep the extra ones in case of an emergency.

Loss of power supply occurs in storms that cause ATMs to be non-functional, so it is wise to keep cash on hand as credit cards and debit are of no use temporarily. If the supplies run out, one can easily buy supplies and necessary stuff from the grocery store.

Pack important documents like ID cards, passports, medical insurance, driver’s licenses, flood insurance, and wills. A backup generator is also valuable for storm emergencies. The diesel/gas generator keeps the batteries running, so pack 1-2 diesel cans so that one week or ten days pass quickly.

A fire extinguisher is also handy; one must know how to use it in an emergency.

Communication and Vehicles Parking 

It is essential to note all vital cell phone contacts, landline numbers, and email addresses in a tiny diary to make communication easy. A person can inform neighbors about their temporary stay in a shelter. If a person plans to stay in the house, cover all windows with big wooden boards.

Could you ensure that you remain on the house’s top floor?

During tropical storms, there is a risk of flooding. It is better to park cars inside the garage or near the house. Please don’t park vehicles under trees. If people do not own a car, they must call the ruling classes to get a ride in need of a

hurricane season
TV transmission gives flood alert

withdrawal. An emergency kit must be ready in the car to rush toward the closest shelters during hurricane season. Please don’t touch electric poles with bare hands when outside. In case of flooding, buy an inflatable boat for emergency purposes.

Evacuation Plan

When is hurricane season in Florida? News channels continuously give transmissions about changing weather conditions. The situation can get worse anytime from 1st June to 30th November.

After completing all storm emergency bags, look for an evacuation plan. Unplug all electrical appliances. Turn off the house’s gas valves, thermostats, and electrical connections. Lock all doors and windows.

Before hitting the road, know about all evacuation routes. Avoid roadblock areas. On the road, contact the native emergency administration office and ask about the nearest hotels that can accommodate pets and family. Hotel bookings happen so fast, so act quickly. Tropical storms bring heavy showers that increase the risk of floods.

If a person plans to stay home, make all preparations according to that. Keep your emergency bags near you.

Please fill up all water buckets, coolers, and tanks and place them near the washrooms and the kitchen. Keep yourself alert by listening to the radio and watching hurricane updates.

Keep the windows shut and covered with solid wooden boards. Fix them with nails. Do not open the windows, as the flying dust can cause harm.

Tropical weather in Sarasota Florida
Tropical weather in Sarasota, Florida

Keep yourself comfortable and safe in a shelter room with no windows. Avoid unnecessary trips outside. Cut down all weak tree branches as they may fall in windy Sarasota, FL weather.

Move all wooden furniture from the backyard and place it inside the house; move motorcycles, lawnmowers, BBQ grills, and all-important house stuff from outside and bring it inside. If the house roof needs replacement, fix it as soon as possible. Stay safe in the house until the storm passes. In case of a storm warning (tsunami alert before 36 hours), leave the house with family and pets to reach the nearest shelter as soon as possible.

Search for Close Shelter

After preparing a small number of supplies, locate the closest shelter. The Climate Adaptation Center gives alerts before a hurricane hits the residential area. During weather emergencies, Sarasota County activates the bus conveyance system. It transfers the family from their evacuation area to shelters safely.

Central Florida is safer than a natural disaster zone. The home dwellers of inland Florida are free from destruction.

Different Capacity of Storms

Storms have different names according to wind capacity, rain record, and destruction. People living near coastal areas are likely to migrate to the nearest shelters. Satellite pictures alert wind speed, so preparations are needed accordingly.

Below is the list of names of Atlantic storms. The names are according to different stormy weather conditions in Sarasota, Florida. People need to know about the concepts of El Nino and La Nina. The coastal areas are always at risk from August to October.

hurricane season in Atlanta
hurricane season in Atlanta

One must prepare himself and his house to survive the hurricane season. Sarasota, Florida, weather gets calm in December. Due to global warming, the number of natural disasters is increasing.

If any tourist plans to visit the beach of Florida, he must be aware of the hurricane season in Florida and make plans according to it. Please don’t take unnecessary risks.

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