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A Star for Christmas to Remember

a star for Christmas

A Christmas celebration gets innovative year by year. How many days ago was Christmas? 276 days. Christmas is a holy event, and Christian society celebrates the birthday of Jesus on 25th December. A good thing comes in small packages and is about Christmas. Adults and children love to hear classical and modern carols like a ghetto Christmas carol or when Christmas comes to town.

Some folks celebrate their holiday spirit by watching romantic movies like a furry little Christmas or a star for Christmas. These holidays do not get rest all day. Get up and light up like a Christmas tree.

A list of popular Christmas carols and movies for adults and children is as follows: 

Christmas Carols and songs

A Ghetto Christmas Carol 

Christmas carols are joyful hymns to celebrate the birth of Jesus in Christian society. Carolling makes one feel the holiday spirit in the winter season. A Jahseh Onfroy is a singer of a ghetto Christmas carol.

The primary purpose of this rap song is to get Christmas feelings. The catchy line through day and night repeats in the music. The beginning and end of the song give a sensational vibe of lights and snow around the city during Christmas. An artist sings about the feeling of hatred in his ignorant times. The music blends perfectly with the emotional voice of the singer. Relatable folks of the slum area like to listen to this ghetto Christmas song (of 2017).

A Ghetto Christmas carol
A Ghetto Christmas carol

When Christmas Comes to Town

The Polar Express is a kid’s movie. In the movie, two kids heroes, Girl and Billy, give their performance of this song by singing it happily. The writers of this song are Alan Silvestri and Gien Ballard. The song is about the joys of Christmas.

When Christmas Comes to Town Lyrics
When Christmas Comes to Town Lyrics

The song is about dreaming of Christmas times from a child’s point of view. Christmas brings everyone home, and it’s a fun time for children. They play together and decorate the Christmas tree. Children dream about the ringing of Santa’s sleight bell and all the Christmas gifts in the red and green paper he brings for them.

Every child on Christmas Eve wants their wishes to come true. These are little cheers that Christmas brings for children when it comes to town. The song expresses the importance of Christmas times for kids and believing in the fantasy of Santa and his gifts.

Christmas Movies

A star for Christmas

Romantic film lovers are going to like a star for Christmas. The film revolves around a bakery owner Cassie and a Hollywood star (Alex Gray). Cassie runs a Christmas cupcakes business in town.

Cupcake bakery is her pride, but after a breakup with her boyfriend (Jared), she tries to restart her life again. she sees some machinery flaws in her bakery kitchen. For repairing equipment, she hires a boy who turns out to be a movie star. Both silently develop a love connection with each other.

Can these lovebirds save their love in the burden of holidays and Hollywood? Watch this 2012 movie and search for answers.

A Furry Little Christmas

The storyline of this Christmas movie revolves around two fellows. A veterinarian, doctor Josh travels home during Christmas to celebrate this holy event. On the way to his house, he recalls the decorations, family get-togethers, gifts, food, and all joys of Christmas.

He wants to create his childhood Christmas memories by recreating the magic in his hometown with a twist of animals. As a vet, he keeps a furry dog as a pet with him.

He meets Scarlet (doctor) near his home and discovers that she also comes to his house to celebrate Christmas with her father. Both meet occasionally and fall in love with each other. The movie is full of drama and romance. The story also sheds light on the importance of animals in human life.

A Christmas stray

This is a movie with a good rating at the box office. The story revolves around the leading role of Julie. Julie does not want to celebrate Christmas as she recently lost her son. She experiences new Christmas with her hopeless life partner and a stray dog. Julie and her husband find a new hope to spend life with a homeless dog. The movie is full of romance and drama.

A Fairy Tale Christmas

A movie full of adventure, comedy, and animation for little girls is a fairy tale Christmas. It’s a princess movie. The story circulates the fairy tale of a princess Angela. His father (a King) of the kingdom loves his daughter. King’s son hates her sister and plans to snatch her from his father.

He makes an evil plot with King Viceroy. One day King’s viceroy kidnaps a princess and presents it to her egotistic brother. Angela’s selfish brother throws her into one part of the forest away from people. King searches for her daughter for years but fails.

A Fairy Tale Christmas
A Fairy Tale Christmas

Princess Angela always believes in her true heart. She has grown into a charming lady in all these years. Forest-dwelling animals become her friends. From her forest friends, she comes to know about her father (King), who is full of sadness and lost hope.

She decides to dance in front of her King and cheer her father so that he recognizes her. She needs to reach the castle with the help of her forest friends. What will happen when her evil brother comes to know about her escape? Will she be able to reach the castle? Watch this Christmas movie with your kids and find out the truth.

Christmas stories are changing. They are not the same as in the past. Thanks to all singers or movie actors for making the Christmas experience good. Their acting is phenomenal whether it’s a Christmas witness cast or a Christmas together with your cast. Spend your Christmas by appreciating the work of artists.

Enjoy your Christmas with a lot of worth watching movies like a star for Christmas, read cute books and spend some quality time.

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