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Four Christmases and A Wedding

Four Christmases

Four Christmases is like a unique take on a love story set against the backdrop of multiple Christmases. It seems to explore the challenges of maintaining a relationship despite physical distance, similar to the concept of “Four Weddings and a Funeral.”

However, it appears that while attempting to capture the essence of fleeting encounters across four holidays, it falls short in building a cohesive and emotionally resonant narrative.

Why Watch Four Christmases?

The protagonists, Chloe and Evan, seem to traverse through these annual meetings. Without the depth of connection or meaningful progression that audiences might expect from a love story.

Their encounters, instead of serving as pivotal moments for their relationship, appear as disconnected snapshots lacking the evolution and organic growth one might anticipate.

The criticism about the film’s disjointed narrative structure is valid. In contrast to the original inspiration it draws from, where each event contributed significantly to the central romance.

It seems this movie struggles to provide a meaningful context or development between the characters during these sporadic meetings.

While the lead actress, Arielle Kebbel, manages to infuse some depth into her character.

The overall narrative seems to falter in delivering the emotional depth necessary to truly engage the audience.

The rushed and abrupt progression between Christmases might hinder the viewer’s ability to emotionally invest in Chloe and Evan’s relationship.

Thus, preventing the story from feeling like a cohesive journey.

In essence, it appears to be a film with an intriguing premise but lacking the substance and emotional continuity that could have made it a more compelling exploration of love amid intermittent holiday encounters.

Themes in Four Christmases

Long-Distance Love:

The movie attempts to explore the complexities of maintaining a romantic connection despite geographical barriers. It touches on the challenges of nurturing a relationship when the protagonists, Chloe and Evan, live in different countries.

Fleeting Encounters:

The concept of sporadic meetings over the course of four Christmases raises questions about the significance of these brief moments in shaping a meaningful relationship. It contrasts with the traditional idea of consistent interaction fostering a deep bond.

Emotional Distance:

The emotional and physical distance between Chloe and Evan serves as a central theme. It delves into the impact of this distance on their emotional connection and the hurdles they face in bridging that gap.

Complexities of Modern Relationships

“Four Christmases” attempts to capture the complexities of modern relationships influenced by physical distance, mirroring the realities faced by many in today’s interconnected yet physically distant world.

The film portrays the challenges and nuances inherent in maintaining connections across continents due to career choices or personal circumstances.

Globalization and Career Mobility:

In the contemporary landscape, career opportunities often demand mobility, leading individuals to work in different cities or even countries. The movie reflects this by showcasing Evan’s relocation to Norway for his job.

His move is emblematic of the sacrifices and challenges individuals face in pursuing professional aspirations while managing relationships.

Communication in Long-Distance Relationships:

The film touches upon the communication dynamics prevalent in long-distance relationships. It hints at the reliance on technology, like video calls and messages, as a means of staying connected.

However, it also hints at the limitations of these modes in fostering deep emotional connections compared to physical presence.

Emotional Toll and Adaptation:

The emotional toll of distance on relationships is a recurring theme. Chloe and Evan’s story highlights the struggle to adapt to a relationship that thrives on brief, sporadic encounters rather than consistent presence.

It sheds light on the difficulty of sustaining emotional intimacy when physical proximity is lacking.

Cultural Differences and Compromises:

The geographical separation between Chloe in the US and Evan in Norway accentuates cultural differences and the need for compromises in a cross-cultural relationship.

The movie touches upon the challenges of merging lifestyles and adapting to different societal norms, adding another layer of complexity to their connection.

Navigating Uncertainties:

The uncertainty that often accompanies long-distance relationships is portrayed through the characters’ evolving circumstances.

Evan’s job transfers and the changing dynamics with his coworker Raquel introduce uncertainties that impact his relationship with Chloe, echoing the unpredictable nature of such setups.

Four Christmases For This Holiday Season

“Four Christmases” cleverly uses the holiday season as a poignant backdrop, leveraging Christmas as a symbol of togetherness, reflection, and the fleeting nature of pivotal moments in Chloe and Evan’s relationship.

Symbolism of Togetherness:

Christmas, universally associated with family, joy, and unity, serves as a powerful symbol of togetherness. Each Christmas in the movie becomes a catalyst for Chloe and Evan’s intermittent meetings.

The festive backdrop highlights the desire for connection and intimacy during a time traditionally associated with closeness and love.

Moments of Reflection and Change:

The film strategically places the encounters between Chloe and Evan during these Christmases, aligning with the idea of reflection and introspection during the holiday season.

Four Christmases; a Perfect Watch
Four Christmases; a Perfect Watch

These annual reunions become moments for the characters to reflect on their feelings, the changes in their lives, and the evolution of their relationship over time.

Metaphor for Fleeting Moments:

Just as Christmas celebrations come and go in a whirlwind of joyful chaos, Chloe and Evan’s interactions during these occasions are fleeting yet significant.

The movie uses the passage of time across these four Christmases to metaphorically represent the transient nature of life’s crucial moments.

Thus, emphasizing that even brief encounters can hold immense value and contribute to the growth of a relationship.

Evolution of Relationship Amidst Tradition:

The repetition of the holiday setting creates a contrast against the changing dynamics of Chloe and Evan’s relationship.

The familiarity of the Christmas traditions serves as a backdrop against which their evolving emotions, challenges, and connections are played out, showcasing the contrast between constancy and change.

Key Dialogues of Four Christmases:

Chloe: “Do you believe in fate? That some people are meant to meet, no matter the circumstances?”

Evan: “Distance doesn’t change feelings. It’s what we do with those feelings that matter.”

These dialogues might emphasize the characters’ contemplation about the significance of their encounters and the impact of distance on their budding relationship.

Our Take:

The film’s concept of exploring a relationship across multiple Christmases is intriguing. However, the execution seems to falter in delivering a cohesive narrative. The lack of depth in the character development and the rushed progression between the holiday meetings hinder the emotional investment viewers might expect in a love story.

The film seems to struggle in capturing the essence of a meaningful, evolving relationship within the limited interactions it portrays.


Arielle Kebbel as Chloe: She brings depth to a character portrayed as obsessive and occasionally mean, navigating Chloe’s emotions regarding her distant relationship with Evan.

Corey Sevier as Evan: Portrays the love interest who navigates a job-related move and grapples with his feelings for Chloe despite the distance.

Madison Smith as Ted: Represents the contrast between Evan and another potential romantic interest for Chloe.

The Dynamics between Chloe, Evan, and the Supporting Characters

In “Four Christmases,” the dynamics between Chloe, Evan, and the supporting characters play a pivotal role in shaping the central narrative. It also work in exploring the complexities of long-distance relationships and the associated challenges.

Four christmases
Festive Christmas!

Chloe and Evan:

Intermittent Encounters: Chloe and Evan’s meetings are fleeting yet emotionally charged. Their interactions during these Christmases serve as glimpses into their evolving feelings and the impact of distance on their connection.

Desire and Distance: The desire for closeness contrasts sharply with the physical distance separating them. Their choices—Evan’s job transfer, Chloe’s longing for a deeper connection. It highlights the struggles and sacrifices individuals make. In pursuing personal and professional aspirations while trying to sustain a relationship.

Supporting Characters:

Ted: As Chloe’s colleague and potential romantic interest, Ted’s presence offers a contrast to Evan’s character. His interactions with Chloe showcase a different type of connection—one that’s more accessible and rooted in proximity.

Raquel: Evan’s coworker Raquel represents the challenges of cross-cultural interactions and the complexities of workplace dynamics affecting personal relationships.

Her presence amplifies the strain on Chloe and Evan’s connection, adding another layer to the challenges of long-distance romance.

Impact on the Narrative:

Reflecting Different Choices: The interactions between Chloe, Evan, and the supporting characters highlight the choices individuals face in relationships. These choices—career moves, new acquaintances—create ripples in their connection, emphasizing the impact of decisions on long-distance love.

Conflict and Resolution: The conflicts arising from these interactions contribute to the narrative’s tension. Evan’s choices regarding Raquel, Chloe’s uncertainties. And Ted’s involvement all contribute to the complexities of navigating relationships across distances.

Character Growth: The interactions and conflicts experienced by the characters drive their personal growth. They face dilemmas, make decisions, and confront their feelings. Thus, contributing to a deeper understanding of the challenges and compromises involved in long-distance relationships.


The movie revolves around Chloe and Evan’s sporadic meetings during four consecutive Christmases. Their initial spark at a Christmas fair sets the stage for an unconventional love story.

However, each subsequent Christmas encounter presents new challenges, including Evan’s introduction of a coworker and the evolving dynamics between Chloe and Evan against the backdrop of changing circumstances.

Generally, while the film attempts to capture the essence of love developing over time. It falls short in providing the depth and continuity necessary for audiences to emotionally connect with the characters and their journey.

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