June 13, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Gun Violence Impact on Society


Gun violence must be uprooted from the state to nurture prevention. Every year thousands of lives destroyed of this violence for that the main reason is having guns in the hands of dangerous people. The violence is created for several reasons, unemployment, injustice, mass confinement, and the most important is war on drugs. Reducing gun violence is an attempt that is on the move since many years. From the in depth analysis of certain countries, it is evident that the main cause behind this gun violence is small number of young men that are active part of street groups.

This violence is being fueled by the agreements of feuds their long existence demotivate young people. They get involved in such activities and put their own and other people’s future at risk.  Illegal activities involvement halts the process of peace and result in economy’s damage.  Drop in violence is possible by dialogues with the young men and focusing on the law enforcement.

Gun Violence in the World

Ceasefire works well in many cases, for instance, in 2014; Kansas experienced a clear drop in violence due to ceasefire. In New Orleans and Oakland this strategy performed well and a clear drop in murders was seen. This strategy is effective in stopping the violence to some extent. Though, the issue arose again in some cases but with the law enforcement attention, most of the issue can be covered.

Furthermore, deaths can be stopped if leading charge is eliminated. That is most of the people in rural areas are gun lovers, that are also gun dealers and they aggravate the tendency of murder. Alleviating such factors from the community is crucial to prevent the destruction. Comparatively, mass shootings are rare than gun shooting. The main issue behind this is mentally ill people, alienated and disturbed.

Focused Deterrence Strategies

For many cases, focused deterrence strategies prove fruitful. They target the criminals who can be punished and sanctioned. Deterrence of violent behavior is attributable to the certain rewarding strategies that are committed in the form of some social incentive or job opportunity.  It is obvious that dangerous people who are having guns are making environment destructible. The ceasefire is effective to alleviate the harmful impact of violence from the society.

These strategies that are implemented in some historical era are effective in them. Following certain set of strategies allow you to up root the cause. Focused deterrence strategies are crucial to target to young people and particular type of offenders. They are involved in serious activities of homicides and violence.

Should Gun Violence be stopped?

Gun violence is something, people agreed, that must be stopped. One more gun shooting means more families grievance, which is why gun violence should be reduced from the country. Gun violence in America is at larger level that must be reduced to protect the public rights and deaths. Deaths are related to the so called fundamental right of gun ownership to the civilian. It is also being stated that number of lives can be saved by putting a ban on the military guns. Gun violence is much more than the mass shooting in America that is reflected from the minimal percentage of victims by gun murders and shootings.

The issues reside in the faulty hands carrying guns, not in the guns themselves. Small people are associated with dangerous activities for that they themselves and others are at high level of risk. According to expert, if we need prevention from destruction, ammunition capacity of guns must be limited to a certain level, that is, in particular with the military style weapons. This step is more efficient than to put ban on the guns. Guns intervention programs and investment on threat assessment is more important than invigorating the elementary schools and hiring of guards for protection.

There is a close intersection between guns and mental health. According to a law passed in America, about the mental health of people that is health experts will report about people who are aiming to put themselves and others at risk. By this law, people would be less likely to proceed for mental health treatment. In the gun suicide, mental health is important factor, to prevent the cases, policies would be more effective. Reduction of gun violence has been a long debate. From decades, authorities are working on it. Since it has devastating impact over the economy and it must be dealt with tactical policies and strategies.