June 20, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Homeland Security act and Social Justice

Homeland Security act in USA

Terrorism has affected social life since the terrorist attacks of September 2011. The US Constitution formulated the Homeland Security Act and the Patriot Act in 2001. Homeland Security intends to protect public health and secure a social justice system.

The rule implementations are beneficial for law enforcement agencies as well as federal agencies. The Homeland Security Act protects from terrorist attacks, recovers from any attack, and reduces vulnerability. 

The Protection Policies and Homeland Security Act

The privacy policy by federal agencies and response programs critically plays their role in implementing the privacy act operation. They justly and reasonably work to protect civil rights and their security. Their purpose in responding to privacy violations and investigations is remarkable, and they provide training and relevant education to create transparency in the system.

The US Department of Homeland Security manages the security administration within a state and takes affirmative steps to exercise control over security.

The federal agency is decisive in ensuring privacy within a state and regulates legislative proposals.

The provision of protection policies is related to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which monitors the production of tangible things, books, papers, and recordsdocuments. The process of authorized investigation is beneficial for protecting civil rights and maintaining social justice.

The Patriot Act

The Patriot Act is related to punishing terrorists in the US, and it works to enhance law enforcement regulations with the help of investigation tools. The Homeland Security Act ensures security for citizens.

It allows the emergency disclosure of communication and widens the terrorism definition by including domestic acts of terrorism.  The actions under the Patriot Act determine their level of protection and diligence for the state.

The better implementation of an information system can improve the condition of security, stability, and privacy. Law enforcement agencies work to broaden their scope to act against terrorism.

Social justice requires that there should be equality for all human beings. According to the US Constitution, citizens have a right to protection against social injustices such as race, ethnicity, and unequal liberty distribution.

ABC Night news, in the video of an enemy combatant, points out the claims of Comstock that there should be equality of justice everywhere to curb terrorism.

The Patriot Act and the Fourth Amendment highlight social justice values and alleged suspicion. According to the ACLU, the Fourth Amendment was changed due to the patriot act; however, the law favors social justice and security protection.

The Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights by the US Constitution protects every individual’s life, liberty, and happiness. The notion of equal protection under the Bill of Rights provokes equality by justice, civil rights, and welfare.

The social justice system in the US is based on the Bill of Rights, which is related to the first ten amendments to the US Constitution. It fosters the role of a judge for the security of human rights and employs fair legal proceedings to establish equality.

Inhumane punishments and arbitrary arrest continue to be discouraged under the system of social justice. These amendments are meant to protect the rights of American citizens so that they feel a sense of liberty and security.

The administration of equality and civil rights allows freedom of expression and religious practices.

Legal proceedings also protect the Homeland Security Act and civil rights. Social justice and security are primary issues in every state and central to protecting civil liberties.