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Watch Health and Weight to Gain Fitness

health and weight

A person in a good shape consists of ideal health and weight. It’s an old concept according to many fitness influencers. Body Mass Index is a formula to determine the weight and height of an individual.

If BMI is above the normal range then a person is known as obese which is another word for body fat and if below then the person is skinny. Our society also considers a bodybuilder obese because of their muscular body although they have low body fat.

A famous Tik Tok weight loss Doctor Bradenton Tara Allison believes in food neutrality. A well-known nutritionist Grace Lopez (with many followers) also agrees with this concept.

Being Fat or Overweight

The word ‘fat’ and ‘overweight’ are two different words according to the National Institute of Health. The word ‘fat’ is well-thought-out as an adjective that means a person with extra flesh. This term is used with negative references. A person becomes fat by consuming fast food, sugary beverages, and bakery items.

The word ‘overweight’ denotes the weight of muscle, bones, and body fat. The word ‘underweight’ refers to a person with less body fat and muscle with a skinny look. All these terms come under unhealthiness according to doctors and the need to gain fitness.

Instead of talking about these words’ misconceptions in society let’s talk about positive body image. According to Lopez, body neutrality is a new concept of a healthy body (either fat or skinny) a person must positively accept and love his body the way it looks. This crusade spreads consciousness about fairness and end perception compelled by environmental and social aspects.

People need to appreciate how their body works. If a person in a gym (or at the home gym) lifts heavy weights to attain a specific body weight then he is taking care of his body and gaining fitness.

Lopez explains the body neutrality concept to many of her clients. Many people are struggling hard to maintain their optimum body weight and shape. Many mothers after delivering a baby want to re-achieve their ideal body shape, many girls doing outdoor jobs are also conscious of their body image so Lopez jogs their memory about the potential of their body and the marvelous things their body is doing every day to keep them moving in their lives. She also suggests they nourish the body by drinking water, eating healthy food, doing exercise, and most importantly taking a good rest. It’s not mandatory to do exercise only at the gym. Many people prefer to do exercise and yoga at home and are diet conscious too.

Food Neutrality to See in Health and Weight

Now, what is food neutrality? It means making peace with all types of foods. Lopez thinks that no food is good, or bad. We only label them because when obese person visits the doctor they get restrictions about not eating oily foods, sugary items, and carbonated drinks. So any food which adds sugar and fats to a person’s body is known as ‘bad food’ whereas the foods which do not contain sugar and fats are known as ‘good food’. Lopez teaches her client to avoid restrictive diets, as it leads to many disorders. All foods consist of ethical values.

Food neutrality
Food neutrality

If a person labels ice cream as bad food then it’s forbidden to eat it in public and at parties too. Consider Lopez’s ice-cream example; people restrict this food, as it increases the weight, but then get a chance to eat it then they overeat it and over-eating is a bad eating practice for diet conscious people.

In the past, diet-conscious people practice eating good food and keeping themselves away from oily food and sugary desserts but this practice leads them to binge eating and it’s not a healthy eating habit.

Nowadays people do not practice these types of habits. Diet-conscious people eat everything in small portions.

Body neutrality is becoming famous in the field of nutrition, fitness communal, and social media. They prefer to eat healthy food five days a week and rest of the two days they eat whatever they crave. The main point is to do exercise 5 days or 3 days a week. The concept of food neutrality is spreading awareness about the nutritional values of food. From a nutrition point of view, all foods are not similar but identical from an ethical point of view Cookies and apples consist of different nutrition values.

A person uses food neutral method to eat everything without any remorse or embarrassment. It’s time to stop judging food as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. We need to focus on changing eating habits. Many people like to eat sugary foods and don’t want to surrender things that make them excited. Many people also pay attention to their body image. It’s a common concept that a skinny-looking person is healthy, although it’s not true every time, the person may be suffering from Diabetes II.

Health and Weight Perception

The concept of Full body white mirror in the fitness world is gaining attention to improve body image. A person under serious health conditions heals himself by doing resistance training, and exercise for muscles to heal following the instructions of doctors, gym trainers, and nutritionists. She took pictures before or after the results.

During the body restoration process, people avoid foods that are temporarily unhealthy for them. When the body reaches the fitness level then it can continue eating every type of food in small portions.

It’s easy to gain weight but it’s difficult to lose it by doing specific exercises.

White full body mirror
White full body mirror

Health and weight go hand in hand. Stable body weight is essential for a healthy person as it serves him in long run. Eating wisely and developing good eating habits reduce the chance of getting serious health problems like heart diseases, sleep apnea, and cancer. BMI assumptions must be discontinued as it adjusts with body height not with weight.

Adolphe Quetelet formulates it 200 years ago to check the weight of high-class Europeans not for all types of bodies. BMI is another word for the derail. Society needs to give respect to all body shapes either fat or thin.

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