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Hood River shopping in Columbia River Gorge

Hood River shopping

The experience of Hood River shopping in Columbia is phenomenal. There are many Hood River stores where tourists and locals can find places to shop for souvenirs and exceptional gifts. There are many ancient historic buildings and friendly shopkeepers.

Hood River Shopping Experience

Gorge is famous for its exploration activities. Many retail stores offer camping and sports gadgets, clothing, and jewelry products for shopaholics.  New and old shops in Hood River significantly involve a shopping mall.

The best shopping spots in Columbia River Gorge are given below:

hood river shopping
Tokki Art Supply Shop

Tokki Art Supply is the art and craft shop that serves the Columbia River Gorge.

Supplies like canvas, colors, Komtrak inspiral sketchbooks (which are recyclable), brushes, pocket-size fountain pens, glass dip pens with new Herbin inks, stand-up pen cases, stickers of different quotes and common words, and Japanese gel pens are available at this store.

The shop is also famous for organizing different categories of art classes for kids and adults: watercolor painting, embroidery, jewelry making, media collages for adults, and much more.

The shop consists of the best gift choices. One can also search tool kits, evening class schedules, and other related material on their website. The Korean store owner refills her shop racks with the latest stock.

The Loveliest Store in Gorge Hood River shopping

Shopping in Hood River, Oregon, is a pleasant experience. A friendly, big little shop, G. Williker’s Toy Shoppe is a dream place for kids. It’s a beautiful toy shop where puzzles, toys for early learners, infants and toddlers, arts and crafts material, and imaginative play toys are all available.   Mermaid, rainbow, and unicorn dresses are their favorite products for little girls’ dress-up gear.

The shop has also been a part of holiday surprises, baby showers, and birthday parties for twenty years. Their products are also accessible from the website. One can buy a squishy rainbow unicorn, Lego sets, corolla dolls, squeeze balls, or a fluffy avocado for kids with good packing.

A Store for Booklovers

Book reading is a good habit. Shopping in Hood River for the book lover is fine because Waucoma Book Store is the best bookseller. They offer books (fiction and non-fiction) and gifts for all occasions. Book signing events also occur at the store (Barbara Bells-Flight Lessons).

Waucoma bookstore
Waucoma bookstore

Their audiobooks are best and curated by expert booksellers and a team of Libro—FM (podcast). A store owner can provide you with information about the best pick-ups. One can buy a book from the store and order online. They offer all services on the website. Toys, cards, gifts, e-books, and kitchen products are also obtainable from this store.

Reasonable Boutique of Portland

Ruddy Duck is a clothing store that inspires travelers and adventurers. It adds a bonus to the shopping spree at Gorge. The store is located at the heart of downtown Hood River, Oregon. The store consists of shoes, clothes, gifts, textiles, home décor products, and accessories for men, women, and kids. One can find a cultural variety of dresses in stores; some places are Los Angeles, Morocco, India, Las Vegas, New York, and India. 

The store expresses the peddling fashion of beanies, scarves, skirts, coats, leather tops, tote bags, and much more. Store owners transformed their forefathers’ house (built in 1890) into a cute store. In addition, the store owner also runs an ice cream parlor at the corner of the store, Mike’s Ice Cream. Buy your Kid an ice cream or huckleberry milkshake and enjoy a peculiar shopping experience at Ruddy Duck. 

Display of Artwork 

An ancient building Art gallery is at 301 Oak Street and Hood River. A. E. Doyle designed this gallery in 1924. International artists display their work; abstract pastels, sculpture, pottery, glasswork, landscape photography, and digital art can all be seen in this Butler Bank building. 

Tourists come to this place and admire the artwork of different artists. The inside of the building is attractive. A tourist opens a vast vault door and enters a building with a floor of sensational rose marble and beautiful interior decoration.

A Spot for Sports Fans

One must visit Doug’s Sports when shopping in Hood River or Portland. They have everything for all types of sports lovers. Snowboards, camping material, Doug’s wear, footwear, hydration bottles, Kiteboarding, kites, tree beds, rafts and paddleboards, swimming suits, sunglasses, headwear, bags, and luggage are available in a conventional store.

Kiteboarding water activity in Hood River, Oregon
Kiteboarding water activity in Hood River, Oregon

Online shopping also exists through their official website page.

Vintage Store

It’s only possible to make a pit stop at the ornaments store. Jewelry attracts females like a magnet, even when they don’t want to buy it. Window shopping and familiarizing oneself with new trends give an enchanting experience.

Stone rings at Chemistry Jewelry
Stone rings at Chemistry Jewelry.

Chemistry jewelry is a unique place to find imaginative earrings, necklaces, customized rings, and bracelets. The store is highly approachable to regular customers and visitors.

Handcrafted jewelry is mind-blowing to see. Occasion-wise jewelry from bridal wear, party wear, simple and heavy ones from 24k gold to silver metal and from turquoise stone to diamond is available at the store with bag pouches. The shopping is worth it, so make sure to buy for a person, friend, or mother. 

Decoration Shop

A small white cabin is the leading shop in the Gorge, where one can find different decoration pieces, pantry items, and books for gift devotees. Oregon Wildlife Foundation operates Spruce Gifts and Provisions, and the store is ensuing conservation efforts. The store has two rooms, and it’s worth buying a plushy bear toy for hiking.  

Visiting various Hood River shops provides a chance to familiarize themselves with the surroundings for explorers and shoppers. The hometown offers iconic clothes, belts, apparel, hats, scarves, bags, and packs at Pistil and Alpine Sea. Shopping spots in neighboring parts of White Salmon and Bingen give an association of Gorge town. Hood River shopping in old and new sprees is a fascinating experience in South America.

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